Who We Are

Rolling Wheels Abu Dhabi has brought back the roller-skate fever! For kids out there enjoy a session of skating at our skating rink on the hottest music. Keep the wheels on us. Rolling Wheels will fully equip you with all what you need to roller skate down the rink from the best rolling skates kit out there to safety gears and trainers.For your parents and visitors we have a waiting area where you can get the best view of the rink and take the greatest shots.

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Here’s what our happy community had to say about our services:

Rolling Wheels Entertainment LLC redefines fitness and fun for Kids and teenagers. Rolling Wheels Combines exercise and entertainment with Roller Skating.

Sophia James
Rolling wheels delivers the ideal atmosphere for kids, in addition to great services designed especially to entertain them and expand their horizon.
Grant Harvey

Rolling wheels offers training Sessions. Level 1 and level 2. Also celebrates birthdays and it offers Group bookings and it provides special packages for school Trips.

Harold Green

Rolling wheels ensures you to sharpen up your child dexterity through our professional training sessions, as we offer an organized system of coaching courses divided by levels – Level 1 and level 2- to build up more symmetrical classes.

Kate Lewis

Roller skating helps in stimulating the blood circulation and thus increases the child mental and physical activity.

Kelly Johnson